Wellness Programs

Emotional Well-being

Biofield  technology balances emotions by reducing stress and worries while promoting relaxation and better, more restful sleep.

It also reduces moodiness and mood swings, unhealthy negative outlooks, and habits.

Modern medicine counts over 21+ million Americans suffering from some form of depression or anxiety. Unresolved issues, emotional traumas, “negative” emotions, beliefs, and fears (fear of flying anyone?) can be harmonized or eliminated with biofield therapy™  emotional balancing applications

Joyful healthy older woman sitting on bed, waking up after good night rest on comfortable orthopedic mattress, rising up arms and stretching back. Happy mature grandma feeling energetic in morning.
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Fatigue, Stress Relief, Sleep Support

Biofield technology can help alleviate mental stress, a predicament affecting more people than ever before.

Harmonization of the adrenals, CNS and ANS reduces a person’s stress level and also helps improve sleep patterns. Clients often feel a change even during the application of the therapy itself. The most common effects are getting sleepy or even falling asleep, starting to yawn, or just becoming very relaxed.

Body Wellness

Muscles and tissue applications of electromagnetic technology have been shown to deliver rapid relief, with the discomfort subsidizing even during the first therapy session.

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Asian adult man have pain in neck,shoulder and backache sitting on bed in bedroom,Stressed people suffering from back pain,tension and injury in his nape of neck on uncomfortable pillow and mattress

Physical Discomfort

Biofield technology can unblock and balance the flow of energy to help reduce the sensation of discomfort and deliver relief. It can also help improve physical capacity, endurance, strength, and mobility in combination with an appropriate routine exercise program.


Food Sensitivities

Biofield  technology helps identify and eliminate food sensitivities with practically no abstinence. Our experience has shown that food sensitivities can be the source of many common digestion issues such as transient constipation, bloating, and stomach discomfort. Many other seemingly unrelated issues can also be reduced or cleared by our sensitivity elimination protocol.

We use technology to assist in determining which foods the body is sensitive to and remove the body’s record for them ever being a threat with the inverted frequency patterns of their energy signatures. After the therapy, the person will no longer react or will have a much more diminished response.

Conventional protocols usually require costly and time-consuming tests. They also require you to avoid many of your favorite foods for at least 6 months and possibly over a year. With biofield technology, we typically only need 4 – 6 weekly therapy sessions.

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Whole Body Detox

The human body – the cells of its organs and tissues, is best detoxified energetically. The harmful effects of the pollutants (UV radiation, heavy metals, toxins in the air, water, food, and personal products we use) can accumulate over time and cause harmful blockages within our body’s energy distribution networks.

Detoxifying the whole body on the energetic level restores the flow of energy in all of the body’s tissues, unblocking the lymph and meridians (energy pathways) and energy centers. Once the flow is restored, the organs, tissues, and systems are once again given ample amounts of vital energy to function properly.

There are wellness applications for targeted detox support addressing specific organs of elimination individually (i.e., liver, kidney, lungs, digestive tract, etc.) to help neutralize the effects on these organs from harmful energetic imprints associated with the toxins they must process.